Bella's Fashionlife

Bella's Fashionlife



Hi everyone.
I know it's been a while, which you could maybe call a bit of an understatement. A lot has happened during the last year and a half that I've been away for from my blog. I graduated, and now I am an Artisan in interior and design as well as got really good marks from my matriculation-examination for my standards, as well as got into a school in Helsinki to study International Business. Now it's been over a year that I've been studying International business and it's been a good challenge on many parts, and time consuming. The last year just flew by, I also got a job this spring, at a company that I've always wanted to work for, but was only able to be there for four months, because guess what, I got the amazing possibility of going to exchange to my first choice, which was VIENNA.

I've been studying here in Vienna for almost two months now, and it has been amazing. Of course everything hasn't been all roses, but I think the good things definitely out way the negative once. I mean something that I think everyone that has been to Vienna can agree with is that the architecture is just breath taking. As a person who loves design and aesthetically pleasing this, this place is perfect, just walking around the city and looking at the buildings makes me happy. Another amazing thing is the view from my window, I couldn't have gotten a better apartment and view, it is just perfect. The weather has also been amazing, it is the end of October, and I can still walk around in my leather jacket without freezing to death.

Another reason why I chose Vienna, and in general Austria, as a place I wanted to go to was because of the language. I started studying German around a year ago, when I had to chose an extra language to study at school. I've always had difficulties with learning languages, and grammar has always been hard for me, even in my own native languages, so I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I was up for it. Now here I'm continuing studying German, but of course most importantly I'm able to use the language. Most people here speak very good English, and I can communicate with that, but I'm trying to use my German as much as I can, and the satisfaction you get when you've been able to converse a little with somebody totally in German, or understood a conversation in German, is incredible.

This year has been really good, and I feel like I grew a lot as well. This summer I also went to see Arctic Monkeys, one of my favorite bands, play at a festival called Flow Festival, in Helsinki. The experience was simply just amazing. I also had so much fun during that day in general, and the festival just made it a thousand times better.

I think that if you get the opportunity, and have the financial and physical possibility of going to study, or work in a different country, you should do it. It's a really good experience, where you'll meet new people, and create new and amazing memories, that you will remember for the rest of your life. I truly feel like some people that I've gotten the possibility to get to know here, are people that will stay in my life for a long time, or at least I hope they will. I also think that you get a certain appreciation for some things, for example, I will appreciate some things when I go back to Finland that I haven't thought about before, so basically giving me a new perspective on things, which is always a good thing. 

I've had a lot of school, so haven't been able to travel to other countries, like some of my classmates, but I will definitely do that when I get the chance, but according to my standards I've done a lot of things here. During my first day here I was able to visit the Film Festival, which was a cool experience, I especially loved the first short film, which made you deeply think about life. I've of course eaten a lot of great food, which you can see in the pictures below. I've also done a lot of parting with my new friends here, which has been really fun. I've done some shopping, not as much as I used to, but some just for fun, and some essential things. Then I went to Wiener Wiesn, which is the Oktoberfest, but here. The experience was really fun, and I got to experience something new from a different culture. Then I visited this winery, which was just at the outskirts of the city, where me and few others spent a really nice Sunday, tasting different wines, and tasting some good foods as well. My parents visited me last week, which was nice, we didn't do anything really touristy though, since they've been to Vienna before, so instead we just had a really nice and relaxing time. Me and my mum did go watch the musical ''I am from Austria'' which I liked a lot, it was a perfect mixture of laughter, romance and sorrow, I really recommend it. That's basically what I've been up to for the last two months here, in a nutshell, plus having school everyday. 

I don't think I drew a single interior design drawing during the last year, because after graduating I felt like I would never draw a single chair again, but suddenly being here inspired me to start drawing again, which has made me so happy. I haven't really thought about blogging either, since after a little while I stopped in the spring of 2017, but suddenly a few days ago, I just got the craving for writing, and now I'm just sitting in my bed, and the words are just flowing out on to the page, and it feels really good to be doing it again. 

Love, Bella




Hi guys, so I'm really happy that it's starting to get warmer and looking more like spring, unfortunately not at the moment, because it's raining, but a few days ago it was almost ten degrees outside and the sun was even shining. I'm so excited for spring and all the different outfit options, because in the winter you kind of just have to think about keeping yourself warm. I was so excited when I say that The Weekend was releasing his own collection with H&M, I don't care that it was on the men's side, I think this jacket looks good on me despite the fact it a men's jacket. The shirt I'm wearing is from a Swedish brand called Hickap, I really like their stuff, the clothes and especially the makeup. 
I'm so happy that I've already got some things done, like the finals, and I'm actually kind of proud of how well I did, and I hope I'll get the marks that I think I'll get. I also cut my hair a little shorter a while back, and I'm really satisfied with how it turned out. I've also been getting my nails done for a few months now and I've noticed that my confidence has been boosted just with a little thing like getting my nails done. Hope you are all having a great start for the weekend. 

Moikka kaikki, olen niin iloinen että vihdoinkin alkaa sää menemään vähän lämpimämpään suuntaan ja alkaa myös näyttää vähän enemmän keväältä, valitettavasti ei tälää hetkellä, koska ulkona sataa, mutta pari päivää sitten oli melkein kymmenen astetta ulkona ja aurinko jopa paisto. Olen tosi innoissani keväästä ja kaikista ihanista asukokonaisuuksista, koska talvella haluaa vain pysyä lämpimänä eikä ole niin paljon valinnanvaraa. Olin niin iloinen kuin  näin että The Weekend oli tehnynt yhteistyön H&M:n kanssa, en kyllä välittänyt että se oli miesten puolelle, mielestäni tämä takki sopii silti päälleni hyyvin. Paita on ruotsalaiselta merkiltä nimeltä Hickap, tykkään tosi paljon heidän asioista, vaatteet ja erityisesti meikistä.
Olen tosi iloinen että olen saanut vähän asiota tehtyä, kuten kirjoitukset, ja olen ylpeä itsestäni miten hyvin ne meni, ja toivon että saan numerot mitkä luulen saavani. Olen myös leikannut hiukseni vähän aikaa sitten ja olen tosi tyytyväinen. Olen myös käynyt huollottamassa kynsiäni ja olen tosi iloinen siitä miten paljon se on nostattanut mun itsetuntoa. Toivotan teille kaikille hyvää viikonloppua.
Love, Bella



Hi guys, so I know I always say that I don't have time to post on my blog, and that actually stresses me a little bit. I like having a lot of things on my plate at the same time, but recently it's been a little to much. I've started to forget a lot of kind of important things and remembering the next day the thing I was supposed to do, even though I write everything in my calendar and always check it the night before. At the moment I'm in the middle of my finals in one of my schools and in my other I'm in the middle of doing my final project plus all the courses I missed when I was in my other school. I also have two jobs at the moment and an extra project at the side. I'm just trying to get through the next two months and then it should be over. Oh plus I still have in under a month two of my entrance exams for following studies, I've applied to a few different Universities of applied science for the degree program in International Business Management, and I'm so nervous about not getting in, and I want to get in so bad. Of curse I have an a, b, c and d plan but I'm of curse hoping to get in. I hope you'll all understand that I have a little too much on my plate now and can't upload as much as I would like, but that I'm not quitting blogging because it's so much fun, and I can't wait to show you some new outfits and stuff like that, that I haven't posted about in a while.

Moikka kaikki, tiedän että sanon aina että minulla ei ole ollut aikaa postaa blogille, ja se saa mut vähän stressaamaan. Tykkään siitä kun on paljon tekemistä, mutta lähiaikoina minulla on ollut vähän liikaa menoa. Olen jopa alkanut unohtelemaan asioita jotka ovat tärkeitä vaikka kirjoitan ne minun kalenteriin ja checkaan ne iltaa ennen. Kirjoitukset ovat tällä hetkellä loppusuoralla ja ammattikoulussa minulla on lopputyö meneillä plus kaikki kurssit jotka missasin kun oli lukiossa viime jaksossa. Minulla on myös kaksi työpaikkaa ja yksi sivuprojekti meneillä. Yritän vain jaksaa seuraavien kahden kuukauden läpi, ja suurin osa pitäisi olla suurinpiirteen ohi. Niin ja minulla on toki vielä kaksi pääsykokeet mistä tiedän alle kuukauden päästä, olen hakenut pariin ammattikorkeakouluun opiskelemaan International Business Managementtiä, ja olen tosi jännittynyt, ja haluan päästä sisään niin pahasti. Totta kai minulla on a, b, c ja d pläänit mutta toivon tottakai että pääsisin sisään. Toivottavasti ymmärrätte että minulla on vähän liikaa tällä hetkellä etten pysty julkaisemaan yhtä paljon kuin haluaisin, mutta en ole lopettamassa bloggaamisen missään nimessä koska se on niin kivaa, ja en pysty odottamaan että pääsen taas näyttämään uusia asuja teille ja muuta kivaa mistä en ole postannut vähän aikaan.

Today I've been studying a bit for my maths final on Wednesday, but first I chilled a little and finishing my favorite book at the moment, Therése Lindgren's book ''Sometimes I don't feel so good'' translated from Swedish to English. I think it's very enlightening for people that have never experienced any kind of mental illness, and also those who have, to read about how it gets better and some tips and also some facts about mental health. I think it's worth reading, and if you don't like reading it's the perfect book for you, because there's pictures and some facts and colors, so it's not just black words on white paper. Hope you'll all have an amazing Week. 
PS. It says on the page that '' I'm about to go crazy'', and that's exactly how I kind of feel at the moment. 

Tänään olen lukenut matikan kirjoituksiin keskiviikkona, mutta ensin rentouduin vähän herkullisen brunssin parissa ja lukemalla yhtä lempi kirjaa, Therése Lindgreenin kirja ''Joskus en voi niin hyvin'' käännettynä ruotsista suomeen. Mielestäni se on tosi valistava ihmisille jotka eivät ole ikinä kokeneet minkäänlaista mielen sairautta, ja tottakai niille jotka ovat, lukea siitä miten paranee ja ideoita mitkä voisivat auttaa ja myös faktaa mielen terveydestä. Mielestäni se on lukemisen arvoinen, ja jos et tykkää niin paljon lukemisesta niin tämä on just paras kirja sinulle, koska se sisältää kuvia ja tietoa ja väriä, ei ole vain mustia kirjaimia valkoisella paperilla. Toivon teille kaikille todella hyvää viikon jatkoa.
PS. Sivulla lukee ''Olen tulossa hulluksi'', ja se on tasan miltä minulta vähän tuntuu tällä hetkellä.

Love, Bella



Hi guys, I've been sick for a few days now and I have to say it's really annoying, when you are well you take it for granted. I was kind of expecting it to happened because I've been well for almost half a year so I've been very fortunate when the rest of my surrounding's been sick. I have this weird urge to do stuff when I'm sick, but I know that it doesn't help me at all so I just watch some Hercule Poirot and eating some good food instead so that I would get well soon. Last Thursday was ''penkkis'' an event where the students that are going to graduate that year have a fun day and ride on the platform of a truck and through candy to kids and adults. After that we go on a party cruise to celebrate that school is almost over. The trip was really fun and I saw some old friends which was nice. Now I've been sick almost the whole holiday, so I hope I'm going to get well soon so I could at least enjoy the last days. Hope you all a great Wednesday evening and end of the week. 

Moikka kaikki, olen ollut kipeänä nytten pari päivää ja pakko sanoa että se on erittäin ärsyttävää ainakin kun tulee kipeäksi lomalla, kun on terve ei osaa arvostaa sitä. Ajattelin kyllä että tulen luultavasti kipeäksi kohtapuolin koska olen ollut terveenä melkein puoli vuotta, eli olen ollut erittäin onnekas kun loput ympäristöstäni ovat olleet kipeitä. Minulla on tämmöinen outo hinku tehdä asioita kun olen kipeä, mutta onneksi tiedän että se ei auta minua, niin sen sijaan katson Hercule Poirottia ja syön hyvää ja terveelistä ruokaa parantuaakseni. Viime torstaina oli penkkis ja sen jälkeen abi-risteily. Oli kyllä erittäin muistollinen päivä ja oli tosi mukavaa tavata joitakin vanhoja ystäviä. Olen nytten ollut melkein koko hiihtoloman kipeä, toivottavasti paranen pian, niin että ehdin nauttia ainakin parin päivän lomasta. Toivotan teille kaikille mukavaa keskiviikkoiltaa ja loppu viikkoa.
 Love, Bella



Hi guys, It's a really nice and relaxing Sunday, haven't had one of those in a while. Just love myself avocado on toast with tomatoes and some salt and pepper. The berries with some curd was also really good. Tomorrow I have my last exam, finally. Last week I had four exams three in math and one in Swedish. I feel like all of them went really well and I hope for the best. Next Friday is also the first half of my Swedish final so I'm a little nervous for that, but I think it's going to go okay. It's only four months left of school and I think the time is going to fly by, (hopefully). Have a realaxing Sunday everybody. 

Moikka kaikki, on todella mukava ja rentouttava sunnuntai, ei kyllä ole ollut pitkään aikaan näin mukavaa. Rakastan avokadoa leivän päällä tomaatien ja suolan ja pippurin kera. Marjat rahkan kera oli myös tosi hyvää. Viime viikolla mulla oli neljä koetta, kolme matikassa ja yks äidinkielessä, (ruotsissa). Tuntuu siltä että ne menivät kaikki aika hyvin ja minulla on viimeinen äikän koe huomenna, toivotaan parasta. Ensi perjantaina on ensimmäinen puolikas äikän kirjotuksista, niin olen vähän hermostunut, mutta uskon kyllä että se menee ihan hyvin. On myös vain neljä kuukautta jäljellä koulua ja toivon että aika tulee menemään nopeasti. Mukavaa ja rentouttavaa sunnuntaita kaikille.
Love, Bella



Hi guys, Friday was my last official day of high school, of curse I still have this whole week of exams ahead of me, but it still feels really good. Then it's just back to my own school for a few months and the it's graduation (hopefully).
Last week I applied for three Universities of Applied Science, for International Business, which I'm really excited about. I'm also later applying for some other business schools, but I still have a few months until that.Today I had my first exam and it went pretty well, I only tried to get enough point to pass, cause the course is a pass or no pass course, so it feels like unnecessary work. My first final exam is already next Friday, so a little nervous for that, but hopefully it'll go well. 
Today I went and had my nails done, haven't had the done for a while, and it's so nice to have good looking nail again, it feels so much better, doing a post about them soon. Now I'm just going to look a little on the material for tomorrows exam and then it's bed time. Hope you are all doing well and having a good start for the week. 

Moikka kaikki, perjantaina oli viimeinen virallinen lukiopäivä, tottakai on vielä koko tuleva viikko kokeita, mutta on silti ihan kiva feelis. Sitten on vain aika mennä takaisin omaan kouluun pariksi kuukaudeksi ja sitten on aika valmistua (toivottavasti).
Viime viikolla hain myös pariin ammattikorkeakouluun, tradenomialalle englanniksi, josta olen todella innostunut. Haen myös myöhemmin pariin suomen/ruotsin kielisiin kouluihin tradenomialalle, mutta siihen on vielä vähän aikaa. Tänään oli ensimmäinen koe ja se meni ihan hyvin, suunnitelmana oli vain yrittää saada tarpeaksi pisteitä saadaakseen hyväksytyn, koska kurssi on hyväksytty tai hylätty kurssi, niin se tuntuu vähän hyödyttömältä työltä. Ens perjantaina on jo ensimmäiset kevään kirjotukset, toivottavasti menee hyvin.
Kävin tänään hoitamassa manikyyriä, en ole käynyt vähän aikaan, niin oli kyllä tosi kiva tunne kun oli taas hienot kynnet, lähi aikoina tulee myös posti niistä. Nytten aion vain katso vähän materiaalia huomiselle kokeelle, ja sitten on jo aika mennä unten maille. Toivottavasti teillä on ollut hyvä alku viikolle.
 Love, Bella



Hi guys, today I had my last driving ''lesson'', and now I have my long term driving license. When I came home I made this yummy little snack and sat down watching Judge Judy :). I've been just relaxing today, because I'm on track with all my school work. The sun was even shining today and yesterday, so it's been such a really great day. Later today me and my best friend are going to a music event that my high school is having, and I think it's going to be really fun and a great show. Have a nice evening you all, talk to you later. 

Moikka kaikki, tänään kävin ajamassa liukas radalla, ja nytten minulla on pitkäaikainen ajokortti :). Kun tulin kotiin tein tämän maukkaan välipalan ja istuin alas katsomaan Judge Judyä. Olen muuten vain ottanut rennosti tänään, koska minulla on kaikki koulutehtävät hallussa. Aurinko on myös paistanut tänään ja eilen, niin on tähän asti ollut tosi hyvä päivä. Myöhemmin tänään olen menossa parhaan ystäväni kanssa katsomaan musiikki tapahtumaa lukiossani, ja luulen että siitä tulee hauskaa. Mukavaa keskiviikko iltaa kaikille.
Love, Bella